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REQUIRED FACILITIES  * Appropriate walking shoes
Inclusives  2 nights half board accommodation in the hotel  Brand Transportation and VIP buses
 Peterpan travel bus  All around sightseeing
 Guidance services  Peterpan travel Guidance
All entrance fees  2 Hotel buffet breakfasts
 2 hotel Buffet / set menu  dinners  Travel Insurance
Exclusives  All Lunches, All  Drinks in meals,
All Private Expenditures,   All Organizations Specified Extra
Night Tours,  All  entrance fees





> Appropriate walking shoes

> Lip Protector

> Tops that can match instantaneous temperature change (cardigan, waistcoat …)

What is Müzekart  (Museum pass)

Müzekart is a card issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to citizens of the Republic of Turkey only. It is valid in all the museums and ruins connected to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for a year and provides free visits. Discounted museum card can be taken for 20 TL and full museum card can be taken for a fee of 40 TL with ID card present in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Antalya, Konya, Çanakkale, Muğla, Aydın and Denizli.

Guests with Maxmum credit cards will be able to use the museum card discount by presenting their ID card.


Discounted Museum Card:

Spouses and children of Turkish citizens, teachers, voices, martyrs and veterans, spouses and children with obstacles and a companion, officers and presidents, press identity card holders, travel agency owner and responsible managers, scorpion tourist guides, Ministry of Culture personnel and pensions They will be entitled to a discount of 40 TL over the tour price. However, they have to pay a fee of 20 TL at the first museum to get a discounted museum card.

Guests under the age of 17 years and over 65 years are free entry to the Club.

Important information!

For the tour between the dates mentioned, our guests who already have a Museum card will have a discount of 40 TL.

Visitors who are not citizens of Turkey can not apply Müzekart. In this case, our guests will get discounted and get a discount of 40 TL, and museums will have their entrance fee to museums.


Our tour is 3 nights 4 days and hotel stay 2 nights 3 days. In total, it is completed at a distance of 1667 km. Seat Number promise and guarantee can not be given during booking. If the guide deems it necessary, it has the right to carry out the whole schedule and to make changes in schedule and schedule flow. Being the same in terms of hotel standards and venues specified in the program can be changed by registration.

It is package program for guidance, transportation, accommodation and sightseeing in our tour. It can not be considered separately. The tour will be canceled if a sufficient majority is not provided. In such a case, Peterpan Travel is obliged to personally inform its guests 1 (one) day in advance. A 0-6 year old child is used for a single child with two adult offspring. The last one makes the previous one invalid. For any comments and suggestions you can call 0212 252 74 74 No. phone you can get detailed information at our email address.

TURKISH NIGHT (extra): 55,00 TL / A HARMANDAL RESTAURANT is also realized, which is an authentic place carved into the rock, unique to the Cappadocia region. Unlimited local beverages and turkish mezes, nuts, Fruit accompanied by folk dances from different regions of Turkey, Show lar, Oriental and some of the entertainment that we can accompany are becoming enjoyable …

BALLOON TURU (extra-110 Euros): Saray Baloon- Sky Way – With Balloon Turca, we start our morning in the morning with a light breakfast from our hotel and inform the pilots. Depending on the weather and seasonal conditions, our company will last 60 – 75 min. (All will be 3 hours) with our transfer to our hotel. Payments made by credit card need to be paid an extra + 10 Euro difference. IMPORTANT


Our Package Prices The hotel includes transportation and environment visits.

Mola Locations: Düzce Tursan Recreation Facilities – Baran Facilities – Aksaray Orhan Tree Recreation Facilities

Stop places

Density, modification, etc. Such as position and service standards due to force majeure can be changed.

In the schedule of the program (during or during the visit points during the day), the weather, The Guide may make changes if it deems it necessary.

Peterpan travel is not absolutely responsible for places that can not be visited on our tour program due to force majeure (weather, road, density of places visited, etc.) or because our guests do not obey the timetables given by our guide.

Our Cappadocia Tours perform the same program by making day changes in the current program depending on the region densities. In addition to this, there may be changes in the tour points mentioned in the day order in the tour programs.

Extra tours such as night tours in the tour program are carried out depending on the number of people and the conditions of the existing personnel. ‘Extra tours on the road will be carried out even if not all passengers are involved. Extra tours to be done on the road; Our guests who will not attend the tour will be guided to the rest areas or city centers before entering the city by our guide. Passengers who did not want to participate in the extra tours on the road, took the tour by accepting to wait at the stop. ‘

Additional Service Fees The package (transportation and accommodation) can be added to the price and settled in a total package. Our guests who have a discounted status pay this discount.

Definite seat number promise and guarantee can not be given during booking. There is no guarantee of transportation and hotel notes entered into the reservation.

The child discounts applied in the tour packages are used for a single child by two adults. Children 0-6 years old may not be allowed to stay in the hotel.

In our long tours there is rotation (Rotation) in order to jump every day. Rotation is not applied in our Short Tours. Seats 3 and 4 on the vehicles are reserved for the guide and his assistant. In addition, in terms of turun supervision, agents can also take part in the tour, so seats 1 and 2 can be assigned to them.

Our tour

Guidance, transportation, accommodation and a trip with the environment is a package and can not be considered separately.

Unused transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, etc. Rights are not restored.

Our Air Tours

Airline contracts apply to departments related to aircraft. Cancellation insurance does not cover air travel.

There is a gradual price system in our Airline Tours. The advertised price is the price opened from the lowest class.

(Economical class is used in airplane tour programs.)

If you do not have enough numbers in our tour; Cancellation right till 20 days before the tour departure date Peterpan travel is reserved. In case of such a cancellation, Peterpan travel is obliged to personally inform his guests. The minimum number of participants is 25 people.

The last published queue overrides the previous circus. 08/04/2016

Where children under the age of 18 are not accompanied by one or both of their parents, it is compulsory for the children to be accompanied during the trip with the necessary qualifications for participation in the tour. ‘

People need to have reports about their health problems, their pregnancy status, and the medicines they are using regularly.

The following facility names are the facilities where accommodation priority is given by the institution. In the event of availability, hotel names will be notified if requested at least 48 hours before departure. Due to the intensity and coercive reasons, the host may change, with the standard being the same



Day 1. And Day 2.

DAY 1 / Istanbul-Nevşehir (Cappadocia)

21:00 Nish Istanbul Residence

22:00 Harbiye Military Museum

23:00 Kadıköy harbor

23:30 Depature from the Kartal food center to Cappadocia.

Break times we will be on the road, our first stop will be the salt lake.

Day 2 / Salt lake – Underground City – Sinasos – Mustafa Pasha – Güvercinlik Valley – Love Valley – Winery – Carpet Weaving – Panaroma

We will immortalize this moment with the panoramic photo stop towards the salt lake at this minute, which you will witness in the morning sunrise. After that, you will be given a free breakfast break at rest facilities in the morning hours. After breakfast, the road to Nevşehir will be made and the entrance to the Cappadocia region will be made approximately between 09:00 – 10:00.

People who lived in the region for life and property security thousands of years ago during the Hittite period in Cappadocia entered the underground cities (Derinkuyu, Kaymakli or Öz mansion underground city) underground by utilizing the volcanic rock structure of the Cappadocia region and experienced those moments Will take you to the depths of history and leave you with admiration. You will not be able to see your eyes on the architecture that will be seen here with thousands of people living here, living rooms, stables, stables, wines, prayer rooms, tombs, warehouses and even theater rooms.

After the subterranean city, a Central Anatolian town where the Greeks live together with the Orthodox Greeks, the old name of Sinasos which is the old Greek house, the present name Mustafa pasha, we will visit the region and also the tourists who will go to Asmalı Konaga, We will give a little break after the tour.

We will immortalize the moment with photographs taken from this unique area of Cappadocia’s unique panorama by taking a break at the three beautiful fairy bays where the romantic love story of the Cappadocian king’s daughter after Sinasos passes. After our trip, we will take the right way to my restaurant to eat our pottery kebab which is unique to the Cappadocia region. After the meal, you will go to the carpet production workshop where handicrafts and kilims are indispensable for Anatolian culture, where you will be given a free time for you to look closer and see better. After a busy day, you can go to a village house in Uçhisar district and you can see the wine cellar where the most famous brands of Cappadocia are located. We will spend a pleasant and peaceful time by tasting our wines beside the fireplace in the winery. We will organize a safari tour for an adventure after the experience of the winery (Extra) so that you can see the region better and reach even the places that can not be reached in a good way, both with fantastic and adrenalin voyage and with our beautiful refreshments. Those who would like to participate will be on this tour. We will take a photo with a postcard view here, taking a panoramic view of the pigeon village with its panoramic view. We will then head for the hotel and settle in the hotel. In the atmosphere of a very nice atmosphere made in the hardened rocky and natural cave formation of the lava layers formed for dinner and extra guests who want to stay after dinner, all the folk dances and performances of the regions and regions of Turkey are displayed successfully, and unique offers and delicacies are served You will have a Turkish night (Lamb nights will be watched) with drinks and admiration


Day 3

DAY 3 / Paşabağ-Derbent-Çavuşin-Ceramic Workshop-Hacı Bektaş – Parent We have breakfast at our hotel in the morning and then leave at 08: 0 with our customers. From here we are heading towards the Uchisar region, visiting the onyx workshop where special stones are removed and these stones are processed and we will see beautiful jewelry designs from one another. After the Onyx workshop, we will go to the Paşabağ Derbent valley where we will see the beautiful natural wonders of the different formations of fairy chimneys immortalizing with the explanations of our guidebooks. We will go to Çavuşin region and visit Çavuşun, which is one of the most beautiful places of Cappadocia where people have lived for many years in which the formation of the carving houses took place in the abandoned 1924 year old city which is an old rum town. We will be witnessing the construction of pottery and pottery products that emerged with the special red soil that the Kızılırmak river brought after the Sergeant and the clay soil nearby. We will even have a fun time with the experience of making pottery from one of our lucky guests here. After the pottery and ceramic workshop tour we will switch to the restaurant for lunch. After the meal, the Haci Bektas-i Veli dervish lodge and the tomb, which is one of the great Islamic philosophers, is being given to the county. In Ankara residence (extra) break will be given for dinner. We will go back to the stated departure points on arrival in Istanbul and say goodbye to another Peterhof Trvel trip, hoping that the exchange has gone well.

INCLUSIVES• Transportation (Bus)• Accommodation• All museums and entrance fees• Day 2  Lunch• Day 2 Dinner (hotel buffet)• Day 3 Breakfast (hotel) • Day 3 Lunch• Guidance Service• In-car catering• Peter Pan Travel Security• Compulsory travel insurance according to 1618 Nolu Tourism Law EXCLUSIVES• Fees for Extra hotel facilities• Use of the minibar in the hotel and all personal expenses• Drinks taken at all lunches• Extra tours and organizations


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